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Technology Assessment

The Technology Assessment provides an overview of the current state of technology assets and operation. A summary report contains the most common technology areas, along with status and recommendations.

Data Collection
First, we visit your site and gather information about hardware, software, and the network itself. System analysis is performed to determine the general working condition of computers. We also speak with you (and key staff, if you wish) about your business objectives.

Once we’ve collected the data about your systems and network, we analyze this data with your specific objectives in mind. Business objectives are translated into technology requirements. Then, a Needs Analysis is performed to determine if the current technology in use satisfies the business objectives.

The output is a report that describes where the organization’s technology stands in relation to established industry standards for organizations of similar size and type. In addition to general information about the network, it contains a Quick View section that is a single page “at a glance” chart of each area of technology. These include:

  1. Hardware
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Office Automation
  4. Email
  5. Antivirus
  6. Security
  7. Data Protection
  8. Network
  9. Mobility
  10. Line of Business Applications

 A Recommendations section provides area-by-area advice based on analysis of business objectives, technology requirements and status of current technology.


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Technology Assessment

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