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Maintenance & Support Package

Small to Medium-sized organizations have the same basic technology needs that larger businesses do. Organizations of all sizes utilize their technology for email, file storage, printing, web access, and mobile communications. They require solutions that are scaled appropriately, consistent with budgets, return the maximum on their IT dollar, and enable them to meet their goals.

While larger companies can afford to employ full-time staffs of experienced IT workers to maintain and support these technologies, this is simply not cost-effective for Small to Medium-sized organization.

Equitous Technology Solutions was established to provide genuine technology value to organizations of all sizes. The Maintenance & Support Package in particular was created to address the four basic IT needs of every business: maintenance, support, monitoring, and security; in one simple package.

How do you get the most out of every dollar spent on technology? The least expensive way is to maintain the systems you’ve already spent good money on. Ensuring Windows and Office Critical Updates are applied is central to keeping systems up to date and working well. Each month, Equitous ensures that Microsoft Windows and Office Critical Updates are being applied and reports any systems that are not staying current.

Organizations need to know that their IT services provider is there for them when they need it. Included in the Maintenance & Support Package each month are two (2) telephone support incidents and one (1) on-site emergency visit. This is provided with Priority Response on all support issues, not just the ones covered at no extra charge under this package.

This is the hands-on kind of monitoring, not the “automated from somewhere 1000 miles away remotely” kind. Every month, Equitous visits your location to perform maintenance and looks at every machine covered. During this visit, each machine’s overall performance is noted. This is included in the monthly Status Report. It also includes information about the status antivirus software and any other problems observed. This allows you to catch small problems before they become big disruptions.

Most people would agree that operating a computer today requires antivirus software. However, few people are aware that antivirus software is only as effective as it is up to date. New virus threats require new updates for the antivirus software to be able to recognize and eliminate those threats. Each month, Equitous ensures that updates are being applied to your antivirus software and reports any systems that are not staying current.

The Maintenance & Support Package starts with basic maintenance, support, monitoring, and security for a network of up to five (5) workstations; as described above. From there, options are available to add additional workstations and servers to the coverage. Additionally, more in-depth performance and security options are available for those organizations that want to get the absolute most out of their workstations and server investments.


Maintenance & Support Package

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