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"Our customers deserve the best technology services at small business prices. We make that happen."

About Us

Equitous was founded in 2004 by Christine and Dan Letterman, a husband and wife team of experienced technology professionals who’d spent a combined 20 years as consultants and technology managers to businesses of all types. We believe every organization should have access to the same technology and support used every day by their (often larger) competitors, but at a cost that scales to their business.


Q. How far do you travel?
Our clients are located from Newton to Southern NH. We have purposely maintained this radius from our location on the North Shore because it allows us to be more responsive and more effective in delivering our services. However, with current remote control technologies, we are able to reach more and more businesses.

Q. What technology do you deal with?
We handle a complete range of business technologies including: desktops and servers, data backup systems, laptops, mobile devices, wireless and wired networks, wiring, Internet presence, email systems, VoIP phone systems, and a growing list of software.

Q. What hardware do you deal with?
In order to deliver services for the various technologies we do (see FAQ #2 above), we handle network switches, routers, desktop and server hardware, wireless access points, and Internet access premise equipment (CSU/DSU, modems, etc.).

Q. What software do you deal with?
While the list is always growing, our customers generally have Microsoft-based networks with Microsoft front-office applications (MS Office, Project, etc.) with a variety of industry-specific applications that we are able to fully support.

Q. What kinds of projects have you done?
In the past year alone, we’ve completed a wide variety of projects from entire network replacements and server deployments to a wireless access hotspot project for a public library, and everything in between.

Q. What kinds of clients do you have?
Our clients come from diverse industries: professional offices, manufacturing and distribution, sole proprietors, and public libraries. Our core competencies are widely applicable to most industries.

Q. What are the typical services that clients purchase?
Most clients purchase a Maintenance & Support Package, which covers monthly maintenance and provides priority support should there be a need.

Q. What size are your current clients?
Our largest client has over 50 computers. Our smallest has just one computer. We take pride in the fact that our services have real value to businesses of all sizes. We focus on organizations with up to 100 computers.

Q. Are you a Microsoft partner?
Yes. Our relationship with Microsoft allows us to leverage even more technology and information for our clients.

Q. Are your technicians certified?
Yes. Our technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals. This industry-recognized certification ensures that our clients always receive the best, most up to date technical know-how available.

Q. How many computers do I need to have before considering hiring a full time IT staff?
While this is a matter of some debate, and depends on the industry and the specific needs of the organization, it is well accepted that as technology improves, the need for full time IT staff in businesses under 100 people is reduced every year. That said, it is unlikely at this point in time that most businesses under 50 people would require a full time IT staff.

Q. How many computers do I need to have before considering adding a server to my network?
While a Microsoft peer-to-peer network without a central server has a technical limit of 10 concurrent connections, the practical limit is lower at which performance is severely impacted – more like 5-7 computers. So by practical limitations, when you reach 5 computers you should consider a server. However, once you have two computers, you have a data issue, and that is “where should I store my data, how should I share it between computers, and how do I back it up?” In many cases, two computers is enough to warrant a basic server.

Q. How should I handle my email?
There are several methods available for handling email, including POP accounts, hosted email servers, and internal servers. There is no one right answer for every business, but generally once a business has reached 5-10 people, there’s a value in having their own email server because it has many more collaborative features beyond email such as automated meeting calendaring and remote web access from any computer, any where in the world. Considering that the same server used for internal file and print sharing on the network can be used for email, it quickly becomes a cost-effective solution.


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