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"Our customers deserve the best technology services at small business prices. We make that happen."


While technology can be complicated and requires specialized skills and training, there are no specialized techniques to providing great IT services. No 'proprietary methodologies', trade secrets, or magic formulas. You just have to be good at what you do and really care...about technology and your customers' success. Here's how we deliver great IT solutions and services to fit your organization:

1. First, we listen.....carefully. While most many organizations have similar technology challenges, it's understanding the specific issues and goals of each organization that that makes for the best solutions.

2. We use our industry knowledge and experience to develop flexible, cost-effective solutions that combine the right products with industry standard best-practices.

3. We give you options. There's usually more than one valid solution to a given problem, and we want to give you the best ones so you you can make the best business decisions possible about your technology.

4. Lots of no additional charge. We have seen how technology decisions affect organizations in the short term and long term. We understand how what you chose now can save you money in the future and keep your network positioned for changes.

We also have an understanding of widely held industry standards, as well as what the current trends are for similar organizations. We're constantly seeking out and evaluating products designed for smaller organizations to find new ways to provide great value to our customers.

We're able to provide insight into the types of technology strategies and planning that can have a long term benefit to your organization, and we're glad to provide it at no extra charge so you can make the best decisions you can about your technology.

5. We supply a price for a result, and we deliver that result for that price....always. It doesn't make sense to pay for some estimated quantity of hours when what you need is the result. This allows you to know exactly how much something is going to cost in advance. No guesswork or speculation involved.

6. We deliver the chosen solution expertly and professionally. Anyone can call themselves a 'technology professional'. There are no government bodies or legally recognized authorities determining what people can call themselves. However, it's painfully clear when someone doesn't conduct themselves in a professional manner, which sadly is something all too common.

We take the term 'professional' seriously, and we conduct ourselves accordingly. Industry recognized certification is part of it, and we have plenty, but it's about much more than that. It's about respecting our clients, their time, and communicating in a way that you may find refreshing in a technology service company.

7. We make sure that expectations are met. It's not enough to complete a task and walk away. It's very important to us that our customers' expectations are met - that things work the way they want them to so they can achieve the goals they have set out for their technology. We follow up and we stand behind our work. No exceptions.


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