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"Our customers deserve the best technology services at small business prices. We make that happen."

Computers In Your Business

If you use a computer in your business, you’ve probably asked at least one of these questions:

What should be done to take care of our computer systems and address our technology needs?

Who can we trust to provide the right service?

How do we get the information we need to make good technology decisions that will not cost us more money later?

Technology can be complicated, but getting great technology help is simple with Equitous. If you can imagine a better way to handle your computer technology, we invite you to join the rapidly growing family of businesses that have discovered how Equitous Technology Solutions can deliver the technology they need.

With Maintenance & Support Packages starting at as little as $1/day to take care of and support a computer, Equitous is providing the technology businesses need, without hassles or surprises. How do we know? Our clients are always telling us!!


Maintenance & Support Package

Technology Assessment

Does My Business Need A Server?

When Should I Replace My Desktops, Laptops and Server?

Got SPAM? We can show you how to stop it.

Are You Protected from AdWare?

The Real Value of Data Backups

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